We are excited for you to set up your account with us! I will outline some steps you need to take in order to make the process quick and easy.

After signing in, you will land on your Dashboard. Go to the top right corner, click on your username and from the drop down menu select 'Settings'. You will see the menu bar on the left side of your screen, with the listed sections below.

See our set up guide to follow detailed instructions. There are 9 sections, each has subsections which might be relevant to your property. We know not all sections listed are necessary to each property, but without some basic ones (1,2,6,7) we cannot proceed with the onboarding:

  1. How to set up Hotel Profile: company information, hotel information, location(s), currency. Make sure to fill in the correct information as some of these items will be used in the other settings
  2. How to set up Hotel Content: hotel policies, extras (including meal plans) and facilities
  3. How to set up Guest Configuration: guest registration forms and identification types (and additional information needed for your local immigration office)
  4. How to set up Communication and Notifications: internal and external email set up, automation for guest emails prior and post arrival
  5. How to set up System Settings: enabling additional system features (housekeeping, sales channels etc), calendar settings, languages
  6. How to set up Finance: payment types, taxes, invoice settings, additional currencies; plus payment gateways and accounting systems
  7. How to set up Inventory: room types, room management, rate types, restrictions, cancellation policies, seasonality and discounts. Most of these settings will also be copied or mapped with your OTA extranet, so it's important to have it complete and accurate. Please note that without a complete Inventory, we cannot proceed to connect with a channel manager.
  8. How to create Connectivity Settings: channel manager, booking engine settings, booking widget and more
  9. Other: setting up automated reactions and more

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