Define your Hotel Policy, and use Extras and Room Type Facilities to answer your guests' questions.

Use Hotel policies for rules that apply to any reservation you receive through your Booking Engine. In the case you would like to set different rules to "group" bookings (or to guests booking multiple rooms), you can add a Custom policy here (such as "In the case of booking 3 or more rooms, different rules and cancellation policies apply").

Delete the Extras that don't apply to your property, this ensures you are giving current and relevant information to your guests. Edit the price (in your selected default currency) and edit other details about the Extras you plan to use. Be sure to keep this section updated. You can add any of these Extras to your rate plans in the next steps.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to set up Extras. This is also where you will be setting up your meal plans. NOTE: Avoid setting up extra beds in this section. Extras refer to the whole property and the number of extra beds will not be limited if set here. Use 'Inventory setup' in the next steps for additional beds in a room (with an extra fee).

Room Type Facilities includes a list of the potential facilities in your property's rooms. Delete the facilities that don't apply to your property and add any that are missing. Alternatively, you can edit the name of a pre-existing facility and its icon. To do so, select the 'Edit' button on the right of the facility you want to change, then select the tick to save your changes. You will add these to corresponding room types and rates in the next steps.

Please note these settings will be applied to bookings done on your own Booking Engine. How they are picked up and displayed on OTAs is defined by the OTA, so we suggest adding the same setup in your accounts in those OTAs.

Click HERE for STEP 3.

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