In Hotel Email Preferences choose which notifications are relevant for you and your team to receive on a regular basis.

Email Setup allows you to personalise the automated emails sent to your guests. Included in MSSN:CTRL are a range of email capabilities that help make your job easier. This includes confirmation, pre-arrival and post-departure emails. These are emails you can have sent automatically for all bookings you receive. There is also an option to send notification emails to those who have failed to make payment on time.

In addition, you can set up "Email Templates" to make your work faster according to your property's specific needs. These could be directions to get to the hotel by specific transportation or parking instructions. Anything that would fall under FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) from your guests is ideal for this. You can send these emails with a couple of clicks instead of having your team write a new email every time someone asks similar questions.

At the bottom of the Email Setup section, you will find all the templates you have in use and you can add a new one to the collection.

Although all users except Housekeepers can send the template emails, setting them up in MSSN:CTRL is reserved for users with the Owner or Manager distinction.

When you have the bookings in and start using the 'Bookings' tab, this is how you will use these email templates.

Note that the "Email subject" will, by default, be the confirmation of the booking "Your booking at Hotel Name #CJEC-821772-A" however, this can be changed. Preferably, changed to something to do with the content of the email.

Also note that your team members can add a personal note in the emails before sending. Therefore, you can include as much or as little information in the template email as you like while adding a personal touch before sending it through MSSN:CTRL. This text has been highlighted in the picture below.

As mentioned before, this is the basic package of emails that most properties will find essential to have. MSSN:CTRL has a separate function in the next steps for so called 'Reactions' which are a little more complicated and can be used for more specific notifications and communication with guests. We encourage you to check that out once you are familiar with this section.

Note that you can switch languages on MSSN:CTRL. To do so, follow the video below:

If you have any questions about how to use the email setup or what they are for, please let us know.

If you would like to have more automation, please check out Reactions.

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