Decide which additional features you want to see, how your calendar should look and the default language for reservation confirmations.

Hotel Features: select which features to use. If you are running a smaller property, we suggest keeping it simple. You can always come back and add more features at a later date.

Calendar Settings: adjust the colours for each category of bookings. Along with other nifty options in the calendar view for bookings.

Language Settings: choose the default language that your booking confirmations will be sent in. In "Supported languages" you can add other frequently used languages by your guests. For example, if your default language is English, your guests will receive an English booking confirmation. By adding another language in "Supported languages" such as Spanish, your guests from Spanish speaking countries will receive a booking confirmation in Spanish.

Additional information regarding languages:

Be sure to add custom texts in your selected supported languages (for example Spanish) in other categories in Settings. See the buttons circled yellow in the example below on the Guest Registration Form:

Click HERE for STEP 6.

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