All settings relevant to the finance department and invoicing are made here.

In Custom Payment Types you will find a list of possible payment types accepted at your property. To inactivate and edit a payment type, click on the 'edit' icon on the right. Be sure to save your changes. To add a new payment type, select the green 'ADD NEW PAYMENT TYPE BUTTON' located on the bottom left.

Select Tax Information to set taxes and fees that apply to your property. More help on setting up taxes can be found here. In addition to VAT, there might be city tax or other fees you need to charge and display separately on issued invoices. It is important to set the correct taxes and fees here as the next step (Inventory - Rate Types) will require adding applicable taxes/fees to your rates.

In Invoice Settings you will create a template for all of your invoices. Here you can add a logo or other notes you wish to display. Additionally, you can select your rounding options and include text describing your terms and reminders.

When using POS, you can add one profile for each POS type in Pos Profiles.

In Currencies, you can add more currencies on top of you default currency. The default currency will appear on your invoices and on your Booking Engine. Additional currencies will be beneficial when sending out your rates to various OTAs that may not accept your local currency. Selecting 'Use Exchange Rate' will automatically convert the currency.

In Payment Gateways you will be able to choose the payment methods used at your property by clicking 'ADD GATEWAY' and selecting from the drop down menu. Once selected, you will be required to fill in the gateway credentials for your account (Merchant ID, Public Key, Private Key). If you have a Stripe subscription, please go ahead and enable the connection.

Similarly, in Accounting Systems you can add systems chosen from the drop down list. Please note that we are constantly growing the list.

You will find articles regarding Invoices and Folios here.

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