Below is a summary of the Inventory features available.

1. Settings

This is where you define what restrictions you want to enable and use when guests make a booking, and they include:

Min Stay Through or minimum length of stay: limits availability by specifying a minimum number of nights that must be booked for stays that include the selected date during any part of the booked stay period.

Min Stay Arrival or minimum length of stay based on arrival day: limits availability by defining a minimum number of nights that must be booked for stays that include the selected restricted date as the arrival date.

Closed To Arrival: does not allow arrivals on the selected day. Only if a guest chooses their arrival date prior to the 'Closed to Arrival' day, they can book their stay.

Closed To Departure: prevents check-outs on the selected day. Guest cannot book a stay that would include a departure on the selected days.

Max Stay: maximum length of stay.

Stop Sell or closeout: closes available rooms for the selected day.

2. Room Type

Add each of your room types with its description, occupancy, facilities and photos. You will add the quantity of each room type in the next step. A guide for creating room types can be found here. An 'Ical' link makes it easy sync with your Airbnb and other accounts. If you need to use Virtual rooms, please chat with us before setting it up.

3. Room Setup

Room Setup is where you will list all of the available rooms, assign them a room type and define the order they will fill up by each booking. You can set the room number, mark its type and choose its priority in having it booked.

In a simple example, we will mark rooms 1-15 as Standard rooms, 16-25 as Superior rooms etc. In this case, prioritisation numbers do not apply as we are selling the room type the customer reserved. However, out of the 15 standard rooms, you may want to choose the priority of each of the rooms. For example, rooms that are slope side or with a view will be given a higher priority. Choosing the priority for each room is explained here.

The higher the priority number, the higher in priority will the room be filled. That means that the priority 3 room will be filled before the priority 1 rooms, when a guest is booking that exact room type.

Room allocation for a specific booking can be adjusted manually in the Bookings tab if needed.

4. Cancellation Policy.

MSSN:CTRL has provided a default policy for all new accounts. However, you might want to modify or add policies before going live with your system. You will add these policies to the rates in the next step. You can create as many policies as you need and can find an explanation on how to do it here.

5. Rate Plans

Once you have created your policies, you can create your rate plans and connect them to the policy that fits. You can add new rate plans in 'Rate categories'. Find more details here.

In 'Room Rate Combinations' you choose different pricing rules based on the occupancy of the room, relating it automatically to another rate or room type. You will be able to create different seasons in the Seasons and Events page. Room Rate Combinations will then offer you the possibility to switch the view of pricing from 'Default Season' to the newly created seasons, and you will be able to set default pricing per season. More on seasonality setup below.

6. Seasons and Events

Seasons and Events will enable you to set seasonal pricing and mark special events in your area. The differentiation of seasons can be used for creating pricing derived from your default season (or keep them non-related). It's possible to set up unlimited seasons to manage your rates and restrictions. The default rate will be the default season, if your property runs with only one price then just leave the default season active. If you have different pricing for different periods of time please read this article with detailed instructions on how to set up seasons and events.

NOTE: If you would like to change rates for shorter periods without setting seasons or events, please click here.

7. Discounts

If you have a returning guest that you would like to offer a special discount or you want to offer your employees' family and friends discount you create a discount here. Click here for a detailed explanation on how to set up a discount. Note that the discounts will only be visible on the back-end and can be added to any booking.

Click HERE for STEP 8.

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