Channel Manager: select the 'ADD CHANNEL' button and select a channel manager from the drop down menu. Channel managers can be connected after you have created all room and rate types and have set up other relevant information. Please let us know when you have your profile all set up so we can help with the connection.

Booking Engine Settings: allows you to create multiple 'Booking Engine Profiles'. This is useful if you want to have a booking engine for a specific agent, company, wedding party etc. You can choose the rates, rooms and dates they have access to and can control additional settings such as 'credit card is required'. Click here for more details.

You will also find the Booking Engine Privacy Policy here. MSSN:CTRL provides a default policy for you to edit. You can include any extra Terms & Conditions in the text box at the bottom of the page.

If you already have your own website, you can run our Booking Engine (as described HERE) by using a link provided and setting it up on an image that will take the guest to a separate tab. Another option is the Booking Widget (see below).

Sales Channels (optional): will be linked to bookings and invoices. This is used when a company is paying and the folio will be under the company's name. If the guest adds anything to their reservation, it will be added to the guest's folio (such as additional services that are not covered by the company). If you do not see this option but wish to use it, make sure to enable the Sales Channels Feature in System Settings: Hotel Features and refresh your page.

Booking Widget: is used to add the "book now" button, as an alternative to the Booking Engine for your website.

API and Developers Keys: This is intended mainly for White Label partners. Your developers can help you in this section. We are also just a click away if you have any questions!

Additional information about this section is available on this and this link.

Click HERE for STEP 9

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