This is a fundamental and important part of your setup, please make sure you enter all room types & make sure you provide text and photos as this will be used on your booking engine.

To get to the Settings menu please check step 1 in our Quick Setup Guide section or

Click here to get to Room Types

Click on the "room type" button in the Inventory section in the Settings.

To get started please Edit the existing room type, save changes and click on the "Add Room Type" button for more room types.

Creating a new room type

Please fill in all sections and upload an image before creating another, you are free to edit this later also.

What does it all mean?

  1. Room Type (admin only) - This is the type of room Example: Single, Double, Twin
  2. Short Name (Admin & Invoice) - This will show on your calendar and your invoices so please keep it short and sweet.
  3. Display Name (Booking Engine) - This is what your guest will book on your booking engine Example: Double En-Suite with Kitchen Facilities
  4. Max Adults - How many adults can this room accommodate
  5. Max Children - How many children can this room accommodate
  6. Max Occupancy - Max occupancy should not exceed sum of adults and children count. It is also used for calculated room rate generation.
  7. Default min stay - Please set the minimum stay value here, you can change later in inventory section also
  8. Default price per night - You must enter a value here to save - this will be the base rate that connects Room Type and Base Rate Category. This value is used for daily rates for that initial Room Rate. You will be changing this rate as needed in the next steps.
  9. Description - The text here will be used on your booking engine to describe the room,
  10. Facilities Section - Please click on facilities to add to you room type, if you need any custom facilities please create in the facilities settings in the settings menu names "Room Type Facilities"

Extra beds & Room occupancy

You might want to sell the room as a Standard Double, default occupancy is 2. However, there is an option of extra bed for the 3rd person. In that case you will set max occupancy 3. In bed configuration you can add the extra bed. Make sure your max occupancy is including the capacity with extra beds in the room.

In the Rate type - Room Rate Combinations you will be able to set different pricing on occupancy level. Here is more about different pricing for different occupancy in the room.

Rate plans with different occupancy per room type

Ical Link
We provide your ical link here if you wish to share the availability of the room type with websites such as Homeaway and Airbnb. That room type needs to be mapped with the corresponding room in order to be connected.

Upload Image - Please make sure you upload at least 1 image of your room type.

Virtual Rooms

Virtual room type is created for hotels that want to sell the same room type as different Names or Occupancy. For example, in case my Suite was actually the same room unit as the Family room – just sometimes sold to 2 adults and sometimes to 2 adults and 2 children, I could map for it different rates / rules etc. Please note that this option can possibly cause over bookings and we recommend using it only for certain types and sizes of properties. Please chat with us if you feel you need to use this option!

Click here for help centre and FAQs.

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