Room Rate Combinations are also used for occupancy based pricing.

Say we have a Double Room for 2 people, but with an option of adding an extra bed for the 3rd person.

In order to get max occupancy for the room type, this is how we set it up in the Room Type.

I am setting max occupancy as 3, and the default price per night that refers to 3 people in the room.

And in Rate Plans in the Combination setup we are able to add a lower price if only 2 people in the room.

After selecting the room type, in the occupancy we will choose 2 (or 3, depending what we want as base occupancy rate):

After saving, letΒ΄s check in the calendar view if the pricing is how we wanted it to be:

This shows me that I set a price of 25000 isk for 3 pax, and by deriving the price for double occupancy by 5000 isk, I have the rate set at 20000 isk for two people in the room. The same can be done for creating a single use price in double rooms, etc.

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