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Recently we have expanded on how you can include extras into a rate plan to be much more flexible and powerful.

Why add extras into rate plans?

The main reason you would want to include extras into a rate plan is to keep track of what has been sold and have the price breakdown accurate.

Example: Breakfast Rate & Room Only Rates

In this scenario you and your staff will get confused who is having breakfast and who is not. By adding breakfast extra onto the breakfast rate will mean you can easily run a report to see who is having breakfast.

You can use this for any meals and other extras such as Transfers or Golf etc.

We have a Meal Report and Extras Report to show the extras easily.

Ok great, what about values for the extra?

We have expanded on this recently. In the example above you can see that they have decided that there is no value to breakfast. It depends on the property how you want to set this up and I will go through the main options below:

Add extras just for report functionality

Here the property just wants reports to see who is having breakfast, this is a common option for small properties.

In the Rate Plan Editor:

Choose the extra that you want to sell with the rate.

Check the 1st checkbox to make complimentary, this will create 0 value extras on the booking.

2nd checkbox should be unchecked. This is to show the extra on the invoice but since is complimentary this is not needed.

3rd checkbox is up to your preference. You can decide to show that breakfast was included in the invoice or just hide it. it will show without values.

Note: Notice that you can enter a value in the amount field even though we selected complimentary checkbox. This will give the extra a reporting value, the extras reports will show this value but it wont show any other places. Be sure not to double count this revenue in your accounting.

Add extras with a value attached

In this scenario the property wants the extra to have a real value attached to it,

Example: Breakfast rate plan is £130 per night and Breakfast is £5 per person (2)

After a 1 night booking is made, the booking will have a room value of £120 and a breakfast extra at £10

As you can see here the extra has its own value which will count towards all reports.

Show Breakdown checkbox options (on/off). This means that you will show this extra in the invoice like below (on)

Alternatively, you can turn this off and we show just the room at the room rate + extra rate (£130) which is the same as what the guest booked.

We like to keep it flexible to you can edit any extra and toggle these choices for each particular case.

Any questions or help to setup please let us know.

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