When you were setting up your room types in the beginning, you were asked to attach a monetary value to that room type. That value was assigned to that room type in the default rate. However, you don´t want to have the same rate 365 days a year, and you might want to adjust some restrictions for certain periods.

This is very basic and what you will always be charging for the room unless you set up other rates with all the complications and fun things you want to do to make your property more attractive to potential guests. The first part of this process is setting up the Rate Plans. If you have not done that yet, please check out the article on that here before proceeding.

If you have your Rate Categories already set up. Now you can start making actual Room Rate Combinations available to the public. Setting up room rate combinations is really just a way to clarify more options within the Rate Plans that have already been set up. Go to Settings-Inventory-Rate Plans and edit the existing combination made on all room types for the Base rate (default rate). The pre-set season is the Default season.

Note that clicking on the Default Season will allow more options in the drop down menu after you have created more seasons- you can add more seasons as explained here. You can also just add new combinations on season level in Seasons and Events.

If you wish to add more room rate combinations, press "ADD NEW ROOM RATE COMBINATION" at the bottom of the page.

Here is an example of creating a new combination:

Let´s say I want to set my Superior Double room´s rate as a 10% higher rate than the one on Standard Double: I will choose the room and rate type I want to relate to another room and rate (parent room rate combination), and I will select Derived rate.

Another example is if you have multiple options when it comes to how many guests can occupy a room (i.e. create a single use rate for a double room) or breakfast options different from parent rate:

You can use the Derived rate to relate it to the parent room rate combination. This means that every time there is a change in the parent rate, the derived rates will be updated automatically according to the rules you set here.

You can also see additional option depending on the room and rate you selected. so the Calculation can be based in value (in your default currency):

Additional note:

By creating Seasons and Events you can add more combinations depending on the period covered by the selected season.

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