Taxes need to be setup properly on the system to help you with invoicing and the accounts.

Please find the tax settings in the main settings page under "Tax Information"

We have a default entry here as "VAT" this can be deleted or modified.

Let's create a new one:

Type in the Name of the tax and the value of the tax which will be a percentage.

Note: Taxes are included in all your prices, we don't work with rates that don't have taxes included

City Tax

Some cities have the city tax and they can be rather complex, if you need a hand please let our support team know and we can help you in this area. We are flexible to add a city tax if currently not supported.

City Tax Name: Please enter the name of the tax
Option: Please choose one of the options listed
Value: Please enter the value either in amount or percentage depending on your choice
Tax Included: Here you can specify if your prices already includes this tax or if it's extra

Our Example:

We have made a tax that is £1.20 per room per night and is not included in the price of the booking.

Let us know if we can help, we are happy to support you!

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Did this answer your question?