This is a simple reaction that you can do to notify the guest that you have received their booking with a quick email. You can also apply filters so it does not apply to every booking.

Find the reaction settings

The reaction settings can be found in the main setting page under
Settings > Other > Reactions

Click on "Add Reaction" to get started. Next please choose the type of reaction, for our case we will choose "After"

This means we are automation something after an even has happened, in this case a new booking. Please select new booking form the next list.

Ok great, now the next choice is when you should activate the reaction, for our case you will want to immediately send an email after booking so please choose immediately.

The next option is to choose what task you wish to accomplish, for this we will choose "Send simple email"

Setting up your email

After you choose this option you will have an email form presented to you:

Email Subject: here you can insert your subject line for your email. You can also use drop in fields to personalise this. Some examples that you can copy and paste include:

Thank you {{customer_first_name}} for your booking
Your booking ({{booking_reference}}) for Demo Hotel is confirmed
Hey {{customer_first_name}}, we are looking forward to your stay at the Demo Hotel

Send Mail To: for this section you will want to use this field. {{customer_email}}

Carbon Copy: this means we send a copy of the email to an address, this is handy to keep a record of what was sent.

Blind Carbon Copy: similar to Carbon Copy but you wont see the guests email address.

From Text: typically you would enter your property name here. Example: Demo Hotel

Reply to: What email address will they reply to. You should insert your email address here.

Email Content: Finally you get to the place where you write your message to the guest.


Hi {{customer_first_name}},

I just wanted to send you a quick email to confirm your booking with us at the Demo Hotel.

Check in Date: {{arrival_date}}
No of Nights: {{number_of_nights}}
Total Amount: {{total_amount}}

If you require anything I am happy to help, just reply to this email


Evan @ The Demo Hotel

Hope this helps and let me know any feedback!

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