For PCI Compliance and security reasons it is best practice to give all users their own login. Here is how you can invite new users onto your account.

Go to the Manage Hotels Section here:

Your username > Manage Hotels

Invite User

Here you will see all properties you are the owner of, you can invite user here easily by pressing on "Invite User"

You will then be presented with this screen:

Just add your users email address and the role you wish them to have.

User Roles:

Owner - This is you (if you can access this page) and you cannot add more Owners. If you require another user to have Owner profile please contact support.

Manager - This has all the same power as Owner but cannot invite users.

Reception - This user cannot go into the settings area.

Housekeeping - This user is very restricted to view calendar (without prices) and access the Housekeeping report only.


No Email
If a user doesn't get their email please contact support with the user's email address and we can create the user and provide them a password, the user can login and change their password later.

Forgotten Password
The user can use the forgot password link on the login page, if this doesn't work please contact us to manually reset their password.

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Did this answer your question?