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Any hotelier will agree that much of our communication with guests prior to, during and following their stays, can be repetitive. That is when it becomes advantageous to automate several processes if possible, saving you time and often going beyond guest expectations in the process. You will find that you can get quite creative using these methods to communicate with your guests.

Reactions can be used for any cards or bookings coming in from any channel, if you are using any of our integrated payment gateways (if a payment reaction).

Let´s explain the basics:

This is basically the name for the process we are doing when using Triggers and Tasks. Many people recognise the "if this, then that" process. This is very related.

This is what you want done. The purpose of the whole thing. A very simple version of this is if you want all guests in the rooms with an ocean view to know that the Northern Lights are visible when conditions are right, directly out of the window. You can compose a simple e-mail for that or even a mobile sms in the task area of the reactions section. The task is to give information or a call to action for the guests staying in those specific rooms.

The triggers are, as you can imagine, the conditions for the tasks to be carried out. Depending on your preferences, you could have the task mentioned above carried out before arrival but still on the day of arrival. But you might think that those guests will have booked a Northern Lights tour already so this information would be too late to save them a few bucks. So you would have the task triggered Before - Arrival - 30 days. This would give them enough time to consider this option.

As long as everything is correctly set up on your end and you have the triggers and tasks in question "enabled", the reaction will go into progress as planned. 30 days prior to a guest arriving (trigger), an e-mail with specific Northern Lights information will be sent to all guests who have booked specific room numbers that correspond with ocean view rooms (task).

Hopefully, this is a good introduction to this function. We are excited about the potential it gives our clients and we´re happy to discuss further but we encourage you to play around with it and find ways to creatively use it according to your property´s needs.

To sum up, in Reactions you can use Tasks in the top right corner of your screen to set automation for pre-authorising guest´s cards, as well as charging the deposits and everything Trigger related.

Choose a task you want to create and follow the steps.

After creating a task, you can create a Trigger that defines when the reaction will be active.

If you need any help feel free to contact us via the chat button in the bottom right corner!

An example of creating a Reaction can be found HERE.

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