Sometimes you have events coming and you want to limit the number of single night stays. In that case you will need to set restrictions.

We can make different combinations of restrictions for different purposes. If you haven't already, please review the restrictions that you will be using in Settings - Inventory settings. Here is a brief explanation for each restriction:

Min Stay Through (or minimum length of stay; it limits availability by specifying a minimum number of nights that must be booked for stays that include the selected date during any part of the booked stay period)

Min Stay Arrival (minimum length of stay based on arrival day; a Min Stay Arrival setting limits availability by defining a minimum number of nights that must be booked for stays that include the selected restricted date as the arrival date)

Closed To Arrival (no arrivals on selected day; only if a guest chooses arrival prior to the Closed to Arrival day, they can book their stay)

Closed To Departure (no check-outs on selected day; guest cannot book a stay that would include a departure on selected days)

Max Stay (maximum length of stay)

Stop Sell (or closeout; closes available rooms for the selected day)

LetΒ΄s take New Year's Eve period for an example.

New Year's Eve falls on Thursday 31st.

Since the weekend follows 1st January which is Friday, I want to Close for Departure Friday AND Saturday, to make sure my guests can leave earliest on Sunday.

Save the changes and check on the Booking Engine to see how it looks from a guest's perspective.

Now another example, where I want all of my guests to only be able to stay for a minimum of 2 nights if they are staying on Friday during the whole summer season:

I will create the season (if not already done) in Settings - Inventory - Seasons and Events

Then I will click on the name of the season on the right side of the screen (Summer), and it will take me to Room Rate Combinations for the selected season:

I will change the MST (min stay through) for all rates and room types that I want this rule to be valid for:

And I will save the changes on the bottom of the page.

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