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Our PMS has full inventory and seasonal rate management (See Room Rate Combinations in Rate Plans and Seasons and Events). To make it the most flexible system ever we also enable you to override any rate in the inventory tab for daily use:

The Green Colours

These mean that the user has overridden the seasonal rate plan and changed to another value.

Warning: This manual changes (Green) has the highest priority in our inventory management system. This means that any changes in seasons or rate plans will not affect the override.

Why use manual overrides?

The main reason to use is for daily yielding, i.e. if you just need to change a rate for next Saturday as you are getting busy - here you can just do the quick changes you need. Click on the price or restriction on the date for the selected room and rate, make the change and save changes.

In case it is more than just a few days, click on Bulk update in the bottom of the screen and you will get a pop-up window where you will choose Rate:

Next, define the period for which you want to do the changes. Select which room and/ or rates you want to set on a new value (note that the new value will apply to the selected period for all selected rooms and rates. Save the changes.

Note that if you wanted to do change of restrictions, i.e. min. stay or closed on arrival, that is what you would choose instead of the Rates (circled orange).

It is best to use our seasons management to manage your rates and availability for longer periods, when you already defined them as seasons.

Here is an example of changing rate for Default Season.

Go to Settings - Inventory - Rate Plans

Note that after you have created more seasons, you can change from Default season (in Filters) to the other seasons. The rate changes will only apply to selected seasons.

In order to do a price change for every day in a week, I only need to change the price for Monday on my Standard rate, and all derived rates will be updated accordingly. Click on the price on Monday and put in the new number. My Special Test rate is not derived so I need to adjust that one manually. Then I will press the „play“ button left of the Monday´s rate and restrictions. Don´t forget to scroll down and save!

Right-click on the image and select Open in New Tab to get the full size readable image.

Let´s now change the price for only some days of the week, like Fridays and Saturdays as they sell very well - I will increase their rate a bit.

Right-click on the image and select Open in New Tab to get the full size readable image.

I will click on the rate and overwrite it. I will not press the „play“ button on the left of the Monday price this time, because that would only copy Monday rates to all days of the week – so I will just scroll to the bottom and save.

Same procedure goes for changing restrictions. Click on the box for closing for arrival/ departure or change the number of min/max stay and save changes.

Warning: remember that if you use manual overrides to change large amounts of rates, it will not be possible to manage your rates via the seasons interface as the manual overrides will override all your work.

Deleting the Changes in Inventory

You can delete manual override by taking your mouse over it and deleting it, we also have the delete all manual changes button at the bottom which will delete all in the current view.

If you delete anything we will revert back to the season price set in Room/Rate combinations.


We have a full log of what was changed and by which user. Please click on the view log button.

To sum it all up, for changing rates or restrictions for selected seasons or certain days in a week you can use the Room Rate combinations. In order to make changes on certain dates or shorter periods of time, use the Inventory in the top blue tab.

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