There are several ways of managing you availability in the PMS. One way to make a specific room type or the whole property unavailable for a short period, is to close out the room type or the property. Hereยดs how you do it.

Go to Inventory at the top of the screen and press the "Close Out" option. From there, you will see all your Room Types for the current month and their availability.

The color green indicates there is availability for the room type and gray indicates that you are sold out but availability will return if there is a cancellation (so it does not constitute a close out). The numbers in the cells indicate how many units of each type you have left to sell.

In order to close specific rates or rooms, it is best to do it in Stop sell (go to Inventory at the top of the screen and choose Stop sell option). In the bottom right corner there is "Bulk Update" button. That button will open a pop up window where you will do changes for selected period and selected rooms and rates.

Note: In case you cannot see the Stop Sell option, make sure the checkbox is ticked for Stop Sell in Inventory Settings (click here to go to Settings)

Go back to Inventory - All and check that the row with Stop sell has checked dates you wished to close, for the selected rates and rooms.

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