Sometimes you need to close some rooms manually, either for renovation or being out of use for any other reason. One way to do it is to block those specific rooms in the Bookings calendar:

Open the calendar, right-click on the date and room intersection and select block room. In the example below I want to close my room number 2 for 1-12 July:

In the pop up window I will prolong my blocked period to 12th July, check that I have the right room selected and write a reason for blocking it, then save.

I can see that the room is marked as blocked for the selected period:

Another option is adjusting the number of available rooms manually per room type.

In Inventory - All, on the bottom of the page I will select option Manual Availability Override:

This will make my number of rooms available editable and after I finish changing the availability (for example for 26-28th June):

I will save the changes:

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