First of all, closing available rooms when in reality you are not sold out is a loss of revenue. However, if your reception closes early and if a guest books for the same day arrival, nobody will know that you have the guest arriving. LetΒ΄s admit it, every guest secretly hopes that the Check-in and Check out times are just a number on the paper and nothing more, so they will still make the booking after the check-in time.

In MSSN:CTRL, when you adjust this time, you are only doing so for the included MSSN:CTRL booking engine for direct bookings, not for OTAs or any other channel selling your property. They each have their own settings which have to be updated manually in their extranet.

In MSSN:CTRL, if you are using our included Direct Booking Engine, you can access settings in your profile at the top-right side of your screen and then:

Inventory - Settings - Same Day Booking Cut Off Time
Adjust to the local time you would like to cut off homepage booking availability for same day bookings.

For OTAs (ie Expedia and Booking) we would advise you to fix this time in the extranet of the OTA or contact your account/ market manager for each channel to ensure this is updated according to your needs. In many cases you can update whether you would like same day bookings or not, but choosing an in-between method such as a specific time during the evening to stop, is in some cases something that has to be adjusted manually on their side too.

If your property is located in an area that typically has high same-day booking volume (such as airports due to flight cancellations or a city hotel), you may miss out on unexpectedly high volumes of business by restricting your selling window in this manner.

If you have any further questions on this, let us know.

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