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Here you will find a list of all your extras. You can add new or edit extras.

Add a New Extra

Click on the add extra button

You will get this screen:

Title: Enter the Name of the extra here
Price: enter a value not less than 0
Tax: Select what rate this extra will be
Category: Here you can select it's category for reporting purposes

Online Sales Options (Optional)

Photo: This is only if you would like to sell this on your booking engine
Sell online: Check this box if you want to sell on your booking engine
Description: This will be used on the booking engine

Once you have created the extra it will be available in the dropdown menu in your booking management screen.

Add an Extra to a booking
Click on the booking and enter the Extras tab (see below):

Click on the ADD EXTRAS button and you will see this screen:

Choose extra or new: Here you can select from a list of extras or create a new one by typing a different name.
Chained Room: this will show a list of rooms you can attach the extra to
Sell Date: This is handy for the reports, you can ignore if this is not important
Count: How many of these extras are being sold
Price: Enter a positive value here or 0 for complimentary
Tax: Select the correct tax rate for this extra
Total: This will be calculated automatically

Include as complimentary: You can ignore this field as it will be unavailable
Show Breakdown on invoice: This will show on invoice or add into the room
Show Complimentary on Invoice: This is only applicable if you have 0 price extras

Unusual Use Cases

Guest wants to roll up their expenses into the room rate: we can do this by not checking the show breakdown on invoice option. The extra price will be added to the room rate.

Edit existing Extras

On the right side of your screen there are 3 options for each extra: Edit, Merge, Delete. Start with deleting all extras you will not be using. Note: there are certain extras that cannot be deleted; you can edit them and set the price to 0. To be able to save the changes, please mark the checkbox Save without taxes as shown in the image below:

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