Sometimes a guest will need to be moved to a different room mid-stay, maybe they don't like the room or maybe there's a maintenance problem. We have a simple way to deal with this situation:

Change Room Feature

Example: As you can see below we have Mark Johnson that is staying for 4 nights and already stayed 1 night. Now we need to move him to a different room as there is a problem with the shower.

Find the booking in the calendar and click on it to bring up the booking management popup.

Now click on the room listing and select "Change Room"

Then you will have a simple menu to allow you to change his room easily.

Date: Here select the date where the change of room has happened. You can select dates in the future also if you know they will need to move tomorrow for example.

For our example I will pick today's date 07 Aug 2017.

Choose New Room: This is where the guest will be moving to
Note: This tool wont affect any prices, prices and all details will stay intact.

For this example I have chosen room 4.

Comment: Leave the comment here of why the guest was moved for your own records

Now our little feature has split the booking into another room. This saves you a lot of time and potential mistakes of doing this change manually. Also the note is applied to both rooms to explain the room change.

Final Result:

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Did this answer your question?