Creating a new booking is simple, lets go through the process and we will show you some advanced features also!

Go to the calendar screen by clicking on "Bookings" Navigation tab:

Now you need to scroll the calendar to the correct screen or use the date widget on the left hand side:

Then you just click on the calendar and if it multiple nights you can click and drag also.

After clicking on the calendar you will be presented with a popup with all the details pre-filled. You can also change all the information here:

Check-in Date - Select or change the check in date
Check-out Date - Select or change the check out date
Nights - Select or change the number of nights (this will change the check-out date automatically)
Available Room Rate - Select a different rate type
Available Room type - here you can choose the room type
Room Selection - Select which room the booking will be assigned to
Adults - Amount of adults
Children - Amount of children
Don't Move Checkbox - This puts a lock on the booking to not allow room changes.
Optional Field Arrival: You can select the arrival time of the guest

Next step is to check the prices.

You can change both the price per night or the total figure. The reset button will put back the default prices.

This page is to ask for the customer details.

Title: Dropdown list of choices
First Name: Guest first name
Last Name (Required): We always need the last name of the guest
Email: Email address for guest
Send email checkbox: Sends the guest a confirmation email if checked
Phone Number: Guests phone number
Guest Request: Enter the guests requests if any

Search for the Data of a Returning Guest

When you type we will automatically search for previous guests that are a match, you can select these records to speed up booking. We show the full name, email address and telephone number in case there are multiple people with similar names:

Searchable Fields: First Name, Last Name, Email Address & Phone Number

Depending on your settings, the form will also require credit card details; enter them here or click on the button to skip this step. Once the booking is made you are free to click on the booking to change or update information.

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