Flexibility and anticipating your guests' needs is a quality most good hospitality people possess. Keeping a mental record of who wants what, however, is no longer a necessity. With the help of Booking Notes, you can access guest/booking specific information that will help you deliver a superior experience for your guests. Let´s take a look at the different options you will have.

In the "Bookings" (Calendar) section of your PMS, you will see the bookings with guest names lined up for each room. Next to the guest name, there is a "bubble" which will give you access to that specific booking´s notes. If the bubble is white, there is no information to read up on. If it is filled in black, you can hover over the bubble to get a quick view of the information or click on it to get all the notes that you may be looking for.

Guest Notes
These are notes from the guests themselves. They may have been fed into the booking by the channel that booked the room and include some information that you have already received via e-mail but it is good to have easy access to them from this spot nonetheless. You can also manually add more notes or make use of them in other sections of the notes function.

Hotel Notes
These would be notes that you want to use for internal use specifically. Perhaps there is some sensitive information that may be good to be aware of guest preferences etc.

Housekeeping Notes
Anything needed to prepare in the room for the housekeeping department? You put it here. This may be a guest request for an extra pillow on the bed, putting in a baby cot for this booking or even setting up a honeymoon package prior to arrival if that is handled by your housekeeping department.

Note: Any MSSN:CTRL user having the "Housekeeping" role will, just like all other roles, have access to all notes, not just the Housekeeping Notes.

Here is an example of how you could be using the notes function to your advantage:

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