Let's first of all explain what a favicon is. It is basically a smaller version of your logo to accommodate your website when it is added to favorites or simply when it is being displayed in someone's browser. Instead of having the standardised "globe" or "house" for homepage, you have some sort of visual branding of your site in the visitor's mind.

As you can see in the picture, Cover, Facebook, Booking.com etc. have their own Favicons for any tab you keep open. You can see furthest to the right that a hotel website just has a basic building for an icon to recognise their website.

This is why you should have your own Favicon for your property or company. So that people may recognise it in the clutter of other things in their browser. Additionally, as you can see in the bookmarks bar in this case, if you recognise specific websites/companies by only their Favicon, you need not save the name of the website next to it, fitting far more favorites in your bookmarks bar. Hopefully, you are already sold on the value of having your own Favicon. Now to setting it up.

Website (section of the The Booking Factory PMS) - Settings - Google Settings

If you go here, you will see SEO Settings where you will find the "Site favicon" section and a blank "photo" to change into a useful one. If you have a simple logo, it may be enough to press change and upload that logo. But if it is a large, wordy logo, you may want to have a simpler version designed for the best possible outcome. Keep in mind that this will occupy a very small percentage of the screen for users of your website so a clear and simple visual aid is recommended.

The North Face is an excellent example of having just a visual part of their logo represent their Favicon.

MSSN:CTRL should stop you in your tracks if what you are uploading will not work as a Favicon so we recommend you TO simply try it out. The default Favicon for MSSN:CTRL slightly different from the boring versions you will find in other template websites, so you are still standing out a bit if you do nothing.

Once you have uploaded a new version, you can press "SAVE AND PREVIEW" to see how it would work. But if you donΒ΄t like it, you press "remove" and invest in a more professional version.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know.

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