Your website looks amazing and now you want to have a separate tab where you can list your special offers. Keep them looking as good as your website! Here is a step by step how to get there:

In order to add an Offer page to your website, go to Website in the top blue menu, and on the left menu bar select Custom pages like shown below. Create a custom page, such as the Offers page we created.

In a new tab go to and choose the display style you like the most: Default settings, Carousel, Without default styles, Without default events, With your placeholder image

  1. Copy the "Code example in body tag" from the style you selected

2. Replace the Token (underlined in orange) from the selected code

with the code from your API Key in Settings:

3. Go back to the Offer page you created in Custom Pages in Website, and in Text select Code view as shown below (see the arrow).

You will get a black background for the text where you will paste the code (with your own token from API Key as described above), and select "Published" before saving the offer page.

Now it is time to create and define your offers.

Go to Offers in the blue menu, and add offer(s) you want to publish:

Name the offer, add photo and description, meal type and cancellation policy etc. and Save the changes:

Select Active and Featured in order to display on website:

When all is done, this is how you can check it:

Go to Offers in the blue tab, click on the offer you want to see in your booking engine, and select Show at IBE:

You should also go to your website and see how the Offers tab looks there and, as always, we are here if you need any help.

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Did this answer your question?