Use this option if you need to create a special booking engine for a company, agent, event etc.

Go to Booking engine settings:

Click on the "Add New Profile" button to start

Title: This is for your own reference e.g. "Corporate IBE"
Slug: This is what shows in the URL link for the IBE
Default Language: You can leave empty or select
Default Currency: This will pre-select a currency for the booker

Address is Required: You can require the address or hide it from view
Phone Required: You can require this or hide it from view
Guest Name Per Room Booked: You can require them to State a name per room they have booked
Nationality: You can require the booker to fill this information
Allow Zero Price: This is an option you want to use if you are planning on giving free rooms
Order by room Type Priority: We arrange room types by price but if you wish your own order please check this and set the order in the room type setting area

Promocode: If you have an offer with a promocode you can enter the promocode here so they get it automatically
Reference: Here you can define the booking channel reference e.g. "IBM Booking" if empty we will call it website booking

Password: You can choose to protect the booking engine with a password

Booking Questions: You can create some custom questions to ask on the IBE

Adwords Tracking Code: Enter the Adwords code script here
Google Analytics Code: Enter the code script here

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