The PMS has a lot of data and the reports will get the data from different parts, the 2 main sources of data is:

  • Booking Data (Based on Whole Bookings)
  • Daily Data (Based on the actual day)

The Financial Report is based on daily figures and the Booking Report is on the bookings. Let's look at an example of why the data wont ever match.


Date of Report: 1st December to 1st December (1 Day)

Booking: One booking in the whole property for 10 nights from 1st Dec and Departing on 11th Dec
Booking Value: $100 per night for 10 nights, totaling $1000

The Booking Report will find the booking and show a total revenue of $1000 (the whole value of the booking). The Financial Report will look at figures for 1st of December only, the value of the room for that night is $100 so the Financial Report will show $100 as revenue. Both reports are for 1st of December but totally different values are generated.

If you run the Financial report for 1st to 10th December, you will have a report with 10 days of $100 and a total of $1000.

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