By law in Japan, it is required to submit statistics about your guests, annually. Mainly, this is to know what nationality your guests are. MSSN: CTRL has made this process extremely easy.

First of all, if you have never handed in these reports, you need to get a specific Hotel ID code for your property. Once this has been acquired, you can set up the report function in MSSN:CTRL.

Press Settings in the top right corner by your name. On the left hand menu go Other-Country Specific Settings. This is where you input the Hotel ID code you received.

Report Provider is the company with it´s Unique ID and the main information filled in below the Hotel ID. Report contact is the person responsible for submitting the information. Usually this would be the owner or general manager of the hotel. Feel free to duplicate the address and phone number of the company. The contact information for an individual should not include their home address or phone number etc.

Now that you are all set-up, in your regular MSSN:CTRL-view, go to Reports-Statistical Report. Then, input the date in the top right side, next to the green "run report" button. Once you pick the date, press the green "run report" button.

This will update the information you are looking at and if there is anything you need to address before sending the information in, this will appear at the top of the screen to your left in blue hyperlink form.

Pressing the hyperlinked issue will open the booking in question and allow you to fix what is missing. Usually this is the guest "country of citizenship" that needs to be filled in. Once that is done, press "save" and work your way down the list of hyperlinks. Once that is done, you can repeat the step of "run report" for that month and the hyperlinks should disappear and a pop-up message should tell you the "report is loaded". Then press "validate" and then "validate and send". That is all!

If something comes up and you have to retroactively change the nationality of several guests for some reason, you can do that and repeat the steps mentioned above. You can re-send the report as many times as you like and the latest one will be the valid one as far as Statistics Iceland is considered.

This is a pretty long article explaining a pretty simple process but it is only simple if all the important work is already done ahead of time when booking or checking guests in. Having accurate statistics on your guests is not just important for the authorities. It is vital for your marketing money to not go to waste. Having a long list of "Errors to be fixed before sending" weeks after the guests leave, guessing where they were from, is not the ideal way for handling your statistics.

If you still have questions, you know where to find us.

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