You might want to create a discount for your staff rate, friends and family or similar.

To do so, you can create a discount here. Just give it a name, add a fixed amount (in your default currency) or a percentage amount that you will use:

After they are created, discounts are found in the Folio section of the booking. To add a discount to an item or many items please open the folio and select the items using the checkbox.

Tip: You can select many items and apply a discount to all

Then select discount button and choose between percentage or fixed amount:

Percentage : takes a percentage value from the items
Fixed : takes a fixed amount from the items

Warning: if you select the accommodation you are selecting all of the nights inside. For example, with a 10 night booking, if you apply a Fixed £10 discount this would be 10 x £10 = £100 discount

If you want to apply only a £10 total then please select the individual night you wish to apply the discount.

Once the discount is applied you will see it like this:

Removing a Discount

You can click remove on each night or product. This will remove the discount.

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