Invoices can be made from a folio at any time, this will change the folio into an invoice and the invoice cannot be modified any further.

No Modifications

Invoices are tax documents and once made cannot be changed, we allow small changes however to:

  • Name and address
  • Invoice Notes
  • Invoice & Tax Date

Void Invoice

You can void an invoice at any time also, in this scenario we would copy everything into a new folio and void the invoice showing 0 totals. You cannot delete invoices.


When the balance is 0 with payments on the invoice you can create a receipt. This cannot be modified or voided.

Negative Invoices

If you find yourself having to refund something that is already made into a receipt then you must issue a "Negative Invoice"

There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Negative Line item

  • Create a new extra with a 0 value
  • in the folio apply a discount to this extra with the correct amount
  • refund the payment in equal amount
  • create the invoice/receipt

Add discount to extra:

Refund the guest

2. Modify Room Price (Fastest Way)

You can simply modify the room price for the discount amount and we automatically create the negative line item.

  • Edit the room booking price
  • Negative line item created in folio
  • Refund the guest

Warning: If you have any exclusive taxes or complicated tax setup test this method to see if correct before using in practice. For most tax setups with simple VAT it works well.

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