If you take payment in advance you can just take payment and leave on the folio, but sometimes you will need to create a deposit invoice.

Why Deposit Invoice?

This is generally needed when the guest or company requires the invoice for the deposit payment for their tax records.

The Process:


  • Create Extra for "Advance Deposit" with the correct tax settings (Same as room tax generally)
  • Move this extra into a new folio
  • Move the payment into folio also
  • Create invoice


When guest is at the property and you need to issue normal invoice/receipt.

  • Remove the deposit extra from extras, this will create a negative extra
  • Move this Negative Value to a new folio which will act as a correctional folio
  • Create a refund of the deposit amount and add a note to say its a correctional refund and attach this to the correctional invoice.
  • Then Create another payment of equal amount to be used for the final invoice.

Note: This will be automated in near future with a "Get Payment from Deposit Invoice" button

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