We will share some screenshots with details how to connect Expedia to our channel manager.

If a connection with a different channel manager is needed, please follow these steps.

Log into your Expedia account and in the left menu bar select Rooms and Rates.

From there choose Connectivity settings.

Please choose Channex.io if you will be using our channel manager. You will want to make sure you have a 2-way connection enabled.

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Expedia will possibly ask for a verification to approve the connection.

Click on the Edit button on the right:

Type in the channel manager name into both spaces:

And confirm the connection.

It is important that your room and rate setup matches what you have in your PMS so we can proceed. You need identical rooms and rate(s) in the OTA extranet for each room rate that you are connecting through channel manager to PMS. The setup exactly the same in the PMS and OTA to ensure the correct connection.

If you have not created all of the rooms or rates on both sides, we suggest that you modify your setup before you connect the channel manager. We cannot start the process until your setup is equal between PMS and all channels.

Let us know if you need any help!

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